About the Artist

Linda J. Baker
Linda J. Baker has studied art at the University of Wisconsin, Palette and
Chisel Academy of Fine Arts (Chicago), and Scottsdale Artists School.  She
has  won numerous awards for her art, including Best in Show , People’s
Choice,  Mayor’s Award and Wisconsin Regional Artist‘s Award, amongst
others.  Her work is shown in galleries and in individual and group shows.
After spending many years developing her painting style in the Midwest, she
moved to Portland, Oregon.  In the Pacific Northwest she has served as
president of Painter’s Showcase of Portland, and is a member of Lake Area
Artists. Her paintings hang in private collections and are shown in
galleries and shows nationally.

Member of:
•    Oil Painters of America
•    The Portrait Society of America
•    Lake Area Artists and  Painter’s Showcase of Portland

My art is an attempt to use my skill as a painter to capture and illuminate truths about the world around me. I want to communicate what I see when I stop looking at the world in a casual and remote way and instead see things intensely and immediately.   When I paint, I try to create an emotional experience that comes from seeing some elusive or unrecognized beauty in an object or person or scene. Art for me is finding the beauty of everyday things.

I love to paint from life, whether in the studio or plein air. This gives me an immediacy of experience… of form, light and color… that I can translate into paint on a canvas.  Expressing a 3-dimensional world on a 2-dimensional  canvas with paint, provides a challenge and never-ending source of occupation.

Art on Broadway Gallery
12570 SW Broadway
Beaverton, OR  97005

Millward & Farrell Fine Art Gallery
2701 Monroe Street, Suite 200
Madison, Wisconsin  53711

Painters Showcase of Portland

Lake Area Artists

 A section of Linda's home studio.